Scooter Tramp

im a small town tramp. grew up with a father who built vintage racers in the 60's-80's. my old man sonny had a hunger for old corvettes and hot rods. he also had a thing for bikes. i remember when he was in the iron coffins m/c, he always had projects going on in the 4 car garage. on top of that he would build bikes in our dinning room because he had way to many projects out back. he was not in it because it was cool. he did it because his father did and he had a passion for it. well i always had a thing for bikes. i grew up on mini bikes and motorcycles. yet it wasn't till 4 years ago i got back into motorcycles. the custom bike craz was back and i got hooked. ima stone cold junky, my basement is full of parts. im building 3 bikes and have horded enough parts to build 3 more. i cant stop, im going to go broke buying everything i can afford at the time.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the start of a new project

here i go, im starting this new project. i have been wanting to do this for awhile. after going to the amc in wauseon i became very inspired to work on bikes. so now i plan on completing this project. i dont know where it is going. drag bike or street. i have another 49fl motor that is stock that i can stick in the frame. i do know this, i want to do a 60s style bike showroom quaity so i can finally launch my small company basement jack speed shop. i will be offering custom built parts and tanks along with full on bike building services.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

winter 2009 start of my shovel build

49 frame, 1980 shovel 1340cc with dual plug heads, 41 wl springer